Mindfully Surviving the Holiday Season


There is a definite sense of panic in my office with the build up to the holiday season. The beach-body deadline is fast approaching and those that have put in such an enormous amount of effort in order to achieve their best beach-bodies are dreading the inevitable indulgences that seem to be part and parcel of the December holidays.

But, is decadent over indulgence an absolute must?

Do we really need, or even want to go completely overboard with the food and drinks in December?

Can we still enjoy the holidays without having our jeans feeling like compression stockings come January?


As a person who enjoys indulging in good food and drink, especially during the holiday season, I know that it can be done! You can get through the holiday season without gaining weight or putting extra strain on your liver, not to mention your bank account! A little bit of decadence is well earned by the end of the year, but over indulging in rich food and alcoholic drinks actually just makes you feel uncomfortable and, probably a little ill. We certainly don’t need to eat or drink way more than we normally would. If we manage to indulge with a little mindfulness, we can get to January in the same shape we are in at the end of November!


A nice, trendy word that carries a significant amount of weight when applied to food, drink and eating. So, what does it mean to be mindful about what and how much you eat and drink?

I am by no means a mindfulness guru or a psychologist, but I think I have the gist of what it means to be mindful. This is my take on mindful eating during the December holidays:
  • Have a plan everyday. Yes, we are more relaxed during the holidays, but most of the time we know where we will be for breakfast, lunch and supper and how much we are likely to eat at each meal.
  • Keep in mind how much you would normally eat. You are probably comfortable with this amount of food. Just rearrange it if your eating pattern changes during the holidays.
  • Keep tuned into your body’s cues. If you are feeling full, then stop eating. If you are feeling tipsy, stop drinking.
  • Eat slowly and savour every mouthful. Holiday food is definitely more delicious than the normal, everyday fare we eat during the rest of the year. Enjoy it!

If we are just aware of our bodies and how much we are eating, it is most definitely possible to get to work in the first week of January looking great and feeling fabulous!

Indulge mindfully!

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