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Spending time in the kitchen at the end of the working day, when everyone is tired, hungry and irritable is nobody's idea of fun. Take the stress out of weekday suppers by being prepared and cooking simple meals from everyday ingredients.

Last night I started cooking at 17:45 and we sat down to eat at 18:00! Supper doesn't get quicker and easier than that. And… I managed to pack my son's lunchbox for today while I was cooking.

I am not bragging. I am not super woman. And, no, we didn't get take away! I was just organised (for a change!) and chose a meal that could be cooked quickly from simple everyday ingredients.

I love cooking. I am happy to spend hours in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes and producing meals that make people think that I am a foodie goddess. But… not everyday! My inspiration is saved for special occasions and friends and family. I don't want to spend that amount of time in the kitchen on a daily basis. I want to spend no more than half an hour at the end of the day preparing a meal that is healthy and my little family will enjoy.

If you have kids, then no doubt your day gets off to an early mad rush getting everyone ready for school and work, making sure that everyone is dressed, fed and clean, before jumping in the car and hitting the traffic. You do the school run, hit the traffic again and finally get to the office. Work then has you running (or sitting) all day, using up your energy and emotional strength, before you hit the traffic again, fetch the kids and finally head home. Now EVERYONE is tired and hungry and a little bit irritable.

This is not a scene that encourages movie scenes of happy families, chatting and laughing as they sit down to a lovingly prepared meal. Reality is harsh! We need to eat. We need to be healthy. We do not need to stand in the kitchen for an hour while everyone around you goes crazy!

So… what to cook?!
The first step is to be prepared. If you are not sure where to start then check out last week's post about meal planning. Once you have a menu and have done the shopping, it is easy to put your head down and cook quick, healthy meals.
Quick Weekday Suppers

8 quick weekday supper ideas

1. Chicken vegetable tray bake

2. Salmon, baby potato and zucchini tray bake

Tray bakes seem to be rather trendy at the moment. They may take a little longer than 20 minutes to cook, but they take no more than 5 minutes to prepare, so that you can sit down and enjoy your well-earned rest before supper is ready.

3. Chickpea, roast butternut and spinach salad

4. Smoked Mackerel salad with balsamic dressing

In summer, a salad with either cooked or raw vegetable ingredients and some protein (legumes, fish, chicken or meat), makes a satisfying meal that is ready in no time!

5. Grilled fish kebabs with herbed rice and coleslaw

6. Grilled lean steak with sweet potato wedges and steamed veggies

The trick is to make sure that everything is cooking at the same time. Estimate how long everything takes to cook. Start with the food that takes the longest and end up with the food that is quickest to prepare.

7. Tomato-based pasta with extra veggies

A lot of people think that pasta is a no-no. It doesn't have to be. Use a tomato-based sauce with extra veggies from your fridge added to the sauce. Dish up a smallish portion and fill your plate with salad.

8. Mexican beans with poached eggs and salad

This is what I made last night. Very tasty! Very simple! Very quick! See the recipe here.

20-minute meals

Sometimes, thinking out of the box and experimenting with simple, easy to cook ingredients, results in amazing meals that make you look like a foodie goddess! Remember the basics:
  • Be prepared
  • Cook from all the food groups
  • Enjoy your food!

'Til next time,

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