Drink water

10 Tips for Navigating Your Year-End Functions


December is only a week away! There seems to be a frenzied rush to get everything done before the silly season sets in and everybody downs tools for a hard earned rest. In other words, it is business as usual for this time of year!

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Rethink your drink - Drink water

Rethink your drink

Water is essential to life. What is it they say? You can survive for weeks without food, but only days without water? Or something to that effect! The bottom line is we need to drink water to survive. But… I can hear you thinking… You are wondering why coffee and fizzy drinks and iced tea don't count? And what about flavoured water, surely that is still water?

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Your day in drinks - Cheers!

Your Day in Drinks

I am not only talking about that glass of wine - or 2 - you have with supper every night. I am talking about EVERYTHING you drink from the moment you wake up until the time you go to bed.
  • Have you ever thought about what you drink?
  • Do you drink enough?
  • Do you drink too much?
  • Do your drinks contribute to your weight problem?
  • Do your drinks keep you healthy?
  • Do your drinks cause insomnia?

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